Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Mold Damage – Agoura Offices

Commercial mold damage was uncovered at this Agoura office when mold showed up near the baseboard of a wall. The property maintenance staff removed a section of... READ MORE

Agoura Commercial Office Suffers from a Storm

The floodwaters rushed into this small, single standing office in Agoura requiring professional help to get the business back up and running. Contaminated water... READ MORE

Mold and Water Problems in an Agoura Office Building

When water slowly drips above the drop-ceiling in a commercial building in Agoura, it can go unnoticed for a period of time. Even before water stains are seen o... READ MORE

Commercial Water Flooding in Agoura Needs Removal

The disruption to planned events at convention centers and large commercial buildings in the Agoura area can result in many disappoints. Vendors, event traffick... READ MORE

Calabasas Storm-Ravaged Structure

This assisted living facility was drenched from a storm where water poured through the roof and ceiling into a corridor and several rooms. This water was contam... READ MORE

Calabasas Water Intrusion to an Industrial Backroom

The rainwater from the storm flowed from the parking lot of this Calabasas company into the storage and locker area. Though the water was not muddy and dirty, i... READ MORE

Commercial Water Removal in Calabasas

This fitness center in Calabasas suffered commercial water damage to its rubberized flooring. The seams were about to allow rainwater seepage to the concrete ba... READ MORE