Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Damage – Agoura Home

Mold damage in this Agoura home’s attic resulted from a lack of ventilation leading to high heat and moisture buildup. In addition, there was a small roof... READ MORE

Calabasas Mold Growth

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an old saying never more appropriate than when mold remediation is needed. If a rental unit in the Calabasas ar... READ MORE

Agoura Mold Growth from Moisture

All it takes for mold spores to become stains on a block basement wall is a little bit of moisture. Even in relatively dry Agoura, water from plumbing and appli... READ MORE

Mold Damage and Remediation in an Agoura Home

The musty odor indicated a mold infestation was flourishing behind a cabinet in this Agoura house. The exposed area reveals a large fungal patch that required d... READ MORE

Agoura Mold Remediation in a Vacant House

The black mold that proliferated in this utility room in an Agoura unoccupied structure needed demolition. After rigging containment barriers to keep the spores... READ MORE

Mold Damage at Agoura Home

Mold damage at this Agoura home had overrun the entire residence. This property was a rental unit, and the tenant vacated the premises without communicating wit... READ MORE